The selection process

In 2009 I bought my first Land Rover. After 22 years of driving lease-cars now was the time to do it entirely different. The occasion came when I realized that our children would grow to become 6 foot in the coming years and they were not guaranteed space on long trips (vacations, etc.) which normally should be enjoyable. So I started looking for an alternative. Now there are plenty of SUVs on the market and a lot have dropped in value after 5 years and still have a reasonable condition. Examples include the BMW X5, Volvo XC9, Audi Q8 and Land Rover. These cars all have an image, pros and cons and also some practical aspects.

 BMW X5Volvo XC 90Audi Q8Land Rover
AppearanceBruiser carFamily carGerman “uber bucket”Doghouse
TechniqueGermansafeVery GermanEnglish, indeed problems
MaintenanceOnly for specialistsNo IdeaToo complex and too expensiveEspecially much
Cost per KMHighAverageHighHigh
Fuel consumptionHighHighHighHigh
7 seaterNo5 + 2 Childeren under the age of 115 + 2 childeren taht are good climbers7 No problem

So you guessed it, nothing to do at weekends so I selected a money pit that needs a lot of tinkering and a second career as taxi driver (zero income I can tell).,After some searching I found a 2004 Discovery 2.5TD GANT. 108.000KM in good condition. Some haggling over the price and a 120.000km service in addition, I could leave the dealership.

Holiday Experience 2009

Holidays in the Pyrenees. If you can climb it is in the Pyrenees. And climbing we did, although I had the idea that this disco was a heavy tobacco smoking cyclist with emphysema. It will not move up the mountain. I had experienced this at home when the Doghouse would not move past the 135 KM/hr. mark. Little did I know if that was normal for this car? But in the mountains I found that it was not right. Once above 2000 meters altitude was driven all the torque was gone and you could only get up the mountain in low gear. When on the plains everything was OK.

Upon return to the Netherlands, my quest started, what was wrong. A scan of the many web sites gave me some possible answer, the MAF sensor. A tour to the dealer, a new was installed and there this 2155 KG beast was going as a dog in heat.

This got me thinking and I have since read many books, visited many website and feel I now know most of the problems. Fortunately, most have stayed away and I can enjoy the beast.

Experience after 100.000KM

On March 15th 2013 I passed the mark. All the troubles aside I have had a wonderful first 100.000 KM. Normal services at regular interval, on my second set of all-terrain tires, Oil-cooler leakage repair (3 times due to a faulty O-ring installed in Spain) was the largest issue.
I have had 2 winters that gave a large amount of snow and the same amount of joy driving like there were no limits. I would advise all BMW drivers to have one of these as spare for the winter.