Camp gear

Since 2006 we make use of our Zambezi Tent trailer. It is easy to hook-up behind the Disco, easy to foldout, easy to fold-in and makes traveling over long distances with-out having to suffer in a cramped tent with hard on ground beds.

In addition for the kids we have 3 simple pop-up tents from Quechua. Gives enough private space easy to fold and handle.

Hot and cold weather

Although most of our travels now go to the sunny part of Europe we do carry stuff to keep warm. Some of out trips lead across mountain ranges and it can be cold at night.

  • Sleeping bags, Slee-down -15 degr C. blanket model
  • Camping Gaz heater, just enough to take the edges of the cold
  • Weber Go-anywhere, for cooking and can also act as a stove (not in areas where Openfire is not allowed
  • Tarp 5*4 Meters, good shade and instant car shelter.


For storage, we use Zarge boxes. They are rugged, light weight and easy to stow.

The Kitchenbox

Number one has been converted to a full kitchen box holding, cups, plates, cutlery, gas-lamp, herbs & spices etc. On route it holds the essentials like Coffee, Tea, Soup, biscuits. On the campsite it is mainly a storage for breakfast and dinner.


The second one is holding the first aid kit, tools, small parts, test-box for the disco and 3 large wine glasses, who can do without a good set of wineglasses. For the disco you always need spanners, hammer, Multimeter, small parts like lightbulbs and some bolts and screws. Since a few years I also carry WD40 and some oil, you never know when it will come in handy.