It is all about the Trip

It is all about Exploring new Things, going to places that are not frequently visited by large groups of people. Whether it is on land, on the water, high in the mountains on roads that are only reachable on foot or using a good 4×4 vehicle, “big Blue” our trusted Discovery 2 Land Rover.

” Not just the destination but more importantly the adventures to get somewhere and enjoy the ride ”
— Oscar H.M. de Vries

In the past Years we have tried to do just that, driving over mountain path’s in the Pyrenees, Alps or crossing dunes in Portugal. Not booking campsites just turn up when the time is right put up your tent, make a fire, cook dinner and enjoy outdoor live as it comes.

This site is dedicated to just that. I hope you enjoy the information and that it might be helpful to planning your future trips.

Driving the Passo di Maloja in Switzerland with my Discovery 2 TD5 and a trailer. A beautiful route into the high mountains on route to St. Moritz