Spain 2012

In 2011 we traveled to Spain for the first time. The trip lasted 3 ½ weeks in total and started with a week in the south of France The reason for this was very simple, we like it there and have spent many weeks in and around Juan Les Pins and Antibes. However this time it was enough, to many loud tourists during the month of July. 

So we tried our luck in the region of Perpignan. After two days our Kids asked to our surprise if we could move on. OK but where to go. We decided on traveling from the coast into the Spanish Pyrenees.


Climbing over rough terrain, inclinations up to 17% we traveled to El Pont the Suert and found a nice Site called Baliera. Approx. 100 places and 98% was occupied by Spanish people and some Dutch also in possession of a Land Rover and a need for non-complicated and tranquil surroundings.

In November 2011 on a trip to London I found a good book on Back Roads in Spain.



Nice scenic drives scattered all over Spain. This gave us new inspiration to do a cross-over from east to west.

In 2012 we started at the foot of the Pyrenees coming in from Toulouse France. Exploring route NR. 7. The roof of the world, national parks with waterfalls nice walks and good food. Each day of the week there is a market in a small village where they sell the best sausage and good wine for not a lot of money. After spending 3 days in the region of Vall de Boi we traveled on toward the roof off Aragon route nr 6. The most beautiful environment with all the colors in the world. Los Mallos de Riglos


a spectacular rock formation where climbing and hiking is key. The campsites are basic but have a very friendly atmosphere.

The end of this route leads us toward Pamplona, where our son came to the conclusion that the past 5 days people had not been speaking


Spanish as he had learned it in school. He could understand the people again.

Pamplona a beautiful city where outside the bull run season in July you can enjoy the beauty of the squares, narrow streets, good bar’s with delisjous Jambon and tapas.


From Pamplona we traveled across the most deserted highway in Europe I have ever been on. The only thing we could see was a desert like landscape with scattered European Union subsidized solar farms. Some 6 hours later we came to region of Bierso famous for it pig products and mountains. 


The next day we discovered on route 3 a roman gold mine from around the turn of the century. Here they produced around 6000 kg of gold each year at the peak of its production.


Traveling through a fjord like mountain range we traveled to Vigo on the most western point of continental Europe. We had learned that on route NR 1 of the book near Saxenxo 2 Dutch people are running a cam-site. A pearl on the coast, spectacular view, dolphins in the sea en the best fish tapas in the world. 

One issue that made us stay here for more days than anticipated, an oil leak on the TD5, 4 days in a Spanish garage, good that the labor rate is half of that in Holland.

After 2300 KM it was time to make the return trip. Moving past Santiago the Compostella to the coast near Gijon on to the Basque country into France in 2 days. Traveling on the French auto route 10 i smelt oil again and it was clear the repair had not lasted (turned out they had used an o-ring that was 2 mm to thin!)

Stopping of in Poitier, we had seen Futuroscope advertised, for those of you who know Disney land. It is the same but than with-out the mouse and the duck.

1 day later after 27 days we had returned to Holland. 6200 km, 10 tanks of diesel and a lot of impressions accumulated we had to go back to the normal day to day routine.