Portugal 2013


In the Summer of 2013 we Selected Portugal as our final destination. This year we would do it differently that the year before. Instead of traveling all the way over land we sailed on a ferry from st. Nazair to Gijon. This takes out 2000 KM and 4 travel day's which can be spend enjoying the vacation.

Astana Service Team

The first day we traveled to a campsite just south of Rouen, from here it would be an easy trip to St. Nazair the next day as our ship would leave around 18.30.

As a bonus this day on the road was also a Tour the France day so we could see riders all kinds of media crews and off-course the service teams.

Super Guppy Airbus

The port is next to an airbus assembly plant so the ode "super-guppy" is coming and going a strange sight.


On board a good meal and bed and after a good night sleep we arrive in Gijon. From here it is 450 KM to our first campsite which was the same as last year near Sanxenxo.

Spending several days in Gallicia, a trip to Santiago to do penance and than we leave for Portugal. Again an other country on the list. It is visible that the economy has taken a hard hit here. Old car's, rundown buildings and people who are begging.

At the end off the day we arrive in Lisbon, at the selected campsite we are told that that is a music festival in town and sleeping has become optional. We agree that we need something different and travel on to nearby Cascais, surfers paradise.

The area around cascais is beautiful, traveling to the most westerlyThe most Westerly point in mainland Europe point of Europe we find our self in the fog on the cliffs.

Looking at the forest it is moist here most of the time.

We meet up with a guy from Austria who is on a trip for 2 month's in his LD110 professionally converted to a camper with pop-up roof. we discuss the nest stop and explain that we will be going to Lorical where we will stay on a real off-road campsite.

2 Days later when we arrive at Tomanco we meet up with our Austrian friend, he also found his way to this paradise.

Tamanco is a friendly campsite run by a dutch silver smith and a very good Chef. This is heaven on earth, the kids have their own chill-out shack, we enjoy the wood fire at the bar and the good food and wine.


Hans the Chef is also a experienced 4x4 off-road specialist (dealer for Jansen Land rover parts) and we join him for a 40+ KM trip trough the dunes of leira. Together with an other Disco 2 and a dune buggy we drive four hours during which we scratch the dark blue of our Disco to become white. Nothing a good polishing will help to get ride of.

A day trip to the historical Coimbra finalizes the stay in this area. We travel north trough the Duro valley and cross over into spain via a web of small roads in Parque Natural de Montesinho.


As top for 2 days in Leon to experience this beautiful city where we learn that Freud has been here. 

after 3 1/2 weeks on the road we travele across the picos de europa to em-barque on our return trip from the harbor of Gijon.


After 15 hours we return to St. Nazair. We travel to Paris to meet friends that have come from Corsica. We spend 2 days rooming around Paris, having a final farewell barbeque before we make our final stint home.

A perfect trip, 4200 KM, 5 countries, lost of new impressions.


Camping Monte Cabo
Soutullo 174
E36990 Noalla/Sanxenxo

camping orbitur guincho (Cascais)

Lugar de Areia, EN 247-6
2750-053 Cascais


Rua do Louriçal 11
Casas Brancas
3108-158 Louriçal
N-39 5930”
W-008 4720”