Italie & Croatia 2015


If all goes according to plan we will make a trip through 9 countries, 12 Languages and travel well over 5000 KM.


The details of the trip are emerging. As I found out early March there is a World expo in Milano, as it is on the route we need to go there and get educated.

However, what is a plan if you can't change it.


The temperatures got wel above 36 degr. C to hot to visit expo's. We stayed in the pool and visited the center of Milan.

Before we get to the part of the world where we really need a 4x4 vehicle and get less an less internet coverage or speed we will be visiting dens populated areas.

Rome will be next on the agenda. As it has not been build in 1 day we will spend at least 2 days there ! And what a two day's it was.


The Vatican is beautiful but please get these salesmen of my back. every corner is invested with people selling bogus tickets or self y-sticks. Very hot and interesting city. It is better to return in the autumn when there are less tourists.


The camp-site at lago the brassiano is tranquil, good food and even better the season has not started yet, space everywhere you look.

Traveling down south we will get closer and closer to Genaro Cantaldo country. What a beautiful country. We stayed on a campsite near Sorrento. A tourist invested place, they do disperse through the town so it does not have a crowded fealing.


An then our road-trip along the Amalfi coast. It started of with a climb to get across the hills and onto the coastal road. Once you get to the twists and turns you know it was worth it. The scenery is colorful, beautiful yachts and nice houses.


In Amalfi we stopped to walk the town and show for local goods. Having a drink and speaking to the locals is always nice especially when they provide you with tips for sites to visit. In this case the nearby town of Ravello, for music and theater.

And when you are in the neighborhood you need to visit Pompeii. It is a place you need to see but after 500 meters, 200 other tourists and 10kubic meters of stone everything starts to look the same.

You need to see it and read the signs on the wall to understand what it is all about and to get into the archaeology spirit.


The Camp-site we had found here was a beautiful place in Sorrento. on a cliff overlooking the harbor and in the morning a cruise ship.


Close to the town center and very peaceful.

A few days in the area is enough, the Girls had to catch a flight home from Naples airport and we had to travel east toward Bari.

I have never been to a North African city but Bari looks the bit. Everything is beige, sand color stone and it is too hot to contemplate.


After checking in we move to the front of the que and wait for the boarding process to start. Than misfortune, we were at the front of the que, but our beloved


Discovery would not start. Alarm as on, engine disabled so it was time to get the computer out for fixing the issue. Just before the people from the ferry started to tell me we had to move out of the que the engine started, and we could get onboard.


We had a very nice cabin, a good meal and a well-deserved nights rest.

The next morning at 8 we entered the harbor of Dubrovnik, the city of the game of thrones.



We spend 3 days in and around Dubrovnik, visiting the town center, learning about the 1992 war which hit the city bad as it is situated close to an easy defendable hill from which the attackers shelled the city day and night. Most of the time was spend reading and diving in the blue waters.

And so we headed west.

The coastal road from Dubrovnik to Zadar snakes along the coast in a small stretch of land that has become disconnected from the rest of the country due to the 1992 war. Bosnia needed a passage to the sea and the created it at Neum. Just 10KM of road and then we enter Croatia again.


The war is never fare away. There are still exploded ordinance around so when going off-road you have to be very careful.

It is strange to drive trough a country for the first time and when you see sens it feels as if you know the place.

The Books have been selected.


And did I read my books?

Sorry, diving, dinning and sitting in the sun has taken it's toll. The Churchill Factor was a perfect read, The 3rd industrial revolution by Jeremy Rifkin was a slow read. The rest is reserved for next year.