Croatie 2016

This year we have booked a campsite for the first time for 6 years. Why you will ask. We want to be at the sea right at the front, so we can enjoy.


Just behind the tree line that's where we will be.

So, we started out on Friday traveling to the beautiful Remouchamps to meet-up with friends. Stayed over night shared memories and beer.

The next day we got on the road at 9.00 and headed out to Strasbourg. The weather was OK but turned bad soon. It was code Orange in France, so we had to do with slow traffic (less than 40Km an hour on the highway) and standing water, some 2 to 3 cm's.

So far so good not too much time wasted. When crossing the Black Forrest I noticed the light of the transmission temperature coming to live. Heavy towing, no way, sensor failure I thought or just some bubbles in the system. We slowed down, increased the inside temperature and the cooling was OK again.

After more rain we arrived at our next stop a camp-site not far from the Bodensee near Tegen. Some rain at night but in the morning bright sunshine and we set off to go to Austria and possibly the Italia Alps. Across the border in to our first long tunnel (14,5Km) the light of the transmission temp came on again. We slowed down turned up the heat and the recipe worked again. We know the alps are nice but with rain even a super model would look awful.

We found a good camp-site near Levico Terme where we have set up camp for 3 nights.

After having set-up the tent, I went for the hunt of red (October) transmission light. Within 10 minutes I found a fuse blown, it was the fuse of the AC condenser fan. Changed the fuse, the fan would not move, took the grill off, removed the fan and found it to be frozen solid. The coils look burned, so the fan was shot.


Send an e-mail to the nearest Landy dealership for a JRP100000 or 10060. Non-in stock of course.

2 days later, 385 euros spend of the budget the new fan had arrived and was fitted. Trust this will be the resolution to the issue we continued our travel to Croatia.

Traveling through down to Bassano del Grappa we found no problems with the oil cooling. Traveling on the lower highways to the Croatian border went OK. We passed the town of Koper in Slovenia and we hit the first steep climb in 2 days. Low and behold there was "Red" again. The expensive fix had not cured the issue.

We arrive early at our selected destination could select a better spot than we were given (you people from Holland like sun, yes but not 35 deg. all day without a tree for shade). The relaxation could commence.

Most of the time was spend on the campsite, in the water and the nearby restaurant. In the evening, we watched several of the football matches for the World cup.

Trips to nearby Novigrad, Pula with its roman heritage.



On our way, back we traveled to Desenzano del Garda where we picked up Lotte who stayed with us for a week and the road trip home. Off-course I had to visit the local garage to check some stuff on Big Blue. At our last evening in Italy we dined with my brother and his girlfriend in the company of our 2 nieces, an event for which we later got questioned by our other daughter (we never do this when I am there!)

Traveling back over the alps We ended up in the neighborhood of Heilbronn. To get here we had to travel through Stuttgart, little did I know that your car has to get a sticker with its emission ratings glued to your windscreen. So, for the next time I check which sticker I should have for Big Blue.

The collusion was simple, Big Blue is so good there is no sticker for it, or to put it in other words there will not be a next time traveling in German cities as Big Blue is not allowed in (discrimination)


2 days around Heilbronn, a little too cold, we traveled home through the Eiffel, passing Ramstein Airbases, Trier and ended up near the border on a lovely site. The weather however still did not turn in our favor so after spending a cold and damp night we decided to head for home early as Lotte needed here warm bed.