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Nanocom Evolution, just can't do with out one.

In 2012 on my trip to Spain I had some issues with the electronics. Back home I investigated and deemed it wise to get a diagnostic tool. My choice was the Nanocom Evolution, very happy with it and it gives me good health info on my TD5


And again in 2015 it helped me out. I had not taken the time to get my Battery replaced (original factory unit worked for 11 years !!!) before I left for Italy. Just before we boarded a ferry to Croatia Big Blue went into full shutdown, Alarm could not be disabled, engine would not start etc. Connecting the Nanocom made it possible to reset and board the ferry. 3 weeks later the battery failed completely.


The normal plastic plugs on your differential are easy to fail. These can be changed for Brass plug's

The latest addition

My latest modification is a rearview mirror with a DVR recorder, front and rearview camera, Navigation and collision protection warning.


It records every trip, holds images when a collision occures and also starts when there is movement around the car.


To stop your interior ventilator from winning repair it in just under 30 minutes.


LED interior lighting, gives more light, lower energy consumption and very easy to fit.

Improved Transmission Oil Cooling

In 2016 When traveling over the Alps the Transmission Temperature warning light flashed on. On inspection, I could not find anything wrong, changed the temperature sensor and to be on the safe side upgraded the Oil cooler with an Allisport full aluminum cooler with a 40% increased cooling capacity. We will see on our next mountain travel how good it will perform.


XYZ Switch

As with many TD5 Auto gearbox the XYZ switch had to be replaced after 14 years of service. The car did not want to start as the gearbox looked like it was in park. 


Finding this fault took 28 hours spread over 2 weeks. Fixing it cost 300 euro for the switch and 200 for the labor

Sunroof Drain Blockage

What a small blockage can do to create water in your passenger foot well.


Alternator Fix

After 315.000 Km the alternator is not working in the morning or when it does not want to. 20 Euro's in spare contacts will do the job.




The failed contact

And the result.


A new live for the Alternator in less than an hour.