Personal and vehicle documentation


Over the years I have created my own set of travel documents that I update every year. It sometimes feels a bit over structured but you never know. What do I take with me?

  • Passport, Driver’s license, Travel insurance, Car + trailer insurance and registration
  • Medical Passport: Blood type, which medicines I take with me?
  • BE CAREFULL, medicines allowed in your home country might be band in countries you travel to. You can be send to Yale for having them with you without the proper documentation

Additions over the years

In 2015, we travelled from Italy to Croatia via the port of Bari. As this is also a route to Albania, Greece on route to the east documents are scrutinized in great detail.

I had trouble getting my Tent trailer on the ferry as the lady at the counter was not familiar with the registration category of my trailer being less than 750 Kg it does not have to carry it’s on license plate so it also does not have a VIN Number. In order to show the trailer was legally mine I had a copy of an invoice which really got me into trouble: ”so you are going to sell this trailer, I have to count it as an export”.


1 Hour later, in my best Italian I convinced her that this was my home for the trip so I would not and could not sell it.

Customes declaration DO 131

Back in the Netherlands I looked for a solution. A Carnet de passage is the best option but only one when you go to for example Africa. For Europe, there is no real alternative. I did find something in the Dutch customers hand book which is called a DO131 = return goods declaration. I set out to get one. I have spoken with 8 persons form Dutch customs, mailed with 4, received approval to get a declaration which was revoked. After making a formal complaint I was allowed to get in contact with the head of customs at Schiphol airport. This very kind officer had worked with the DO 131 declaration before Europe had open borders and the DO 131 was the standard document for returning goods like valuable camera’s, bikes etc. I was asked to go to the Schiphol, take my papers and my tent trailer with me so the could witness it was what it was. They had to get the lead stamps from the fault (had not been used since 1996) in order to certify my documents. Although this might not be bullet proof I now have a Dutch custom marked set of documents