Exploration experience

In this section you will find useful tips for your explorations. It is I write up of things that work for our family when we travel, they might for you. However, you are responsible for your own safety at all time.

Driving off-road

Before you go off-road Always check your vehicle and practice your skills. When going into unknown terrain go with more than 1 vehicle and several people so you can help each other when needed.

A good practice video


1- Know where you are going, think about whether you will in reach of normal services or must depend on yourself.

2- After a trip check every thing before you put it in storage. Repair whatever is broken straight away. You will be forgotten what it was when you start your next trip.

3- Write down what you want to modify or will need to do before your next trip.

4- Finalize your notes and photo's so you will continue to remember the good things about your last trip.